Cell Site Maintenance

Vaishnav Infra Developers has been entrusted with building, running and enhancing more networks than any other company in Uttar Pradesh. A fact that sets us apart from the rest of the services industry is that we are the only company with the ability to operate and manage any network, regardless of the equipment currently in place.



Our technology leadership, business understanding, and extensive experience with managing telecom projects make us leaders in telecom services.


We undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for our clients in order to help them maintain their existing infrastructure. We are well equipped to provide Operation and Maintenance Support at the sites built by us for our clients as well as for those built by others. The revenues from AMCs are dependent on the number of sites, which in turn are set to increase with many operators announcing large scale expansion plans. We are well positioned to take advantage of the increasing AMC business on the back of our skilled man power and credibility with our clients.


We perform two types of maintenance work:

1. Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is aimed at reducing the risk of faults and at maintaining the predetermined tolerance limits. Experience and statistics are used in order to judge how often the preventive work has to be done. A diagrammatic representation of preventive maintenance offered by us is shown below.


2. Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance consists of activities for correcting any faults which occur. Faults may be, for example detected by alarms, complaints from customer or from checks during preventive maintenance work. Any faults met with are reported to the operating statistics system.